Challenging, innovating, dreaming company, Shinsegae Group creates the future.

Business Division Introduction

Distribution - You can meet Shinsegae whenever, wherever.
As the group’s main business, distribution business has grown with lifestyle-leading Shinsegae Department Store and Korea’s No.1 grocery store Emart. We are expanding our business to areas that covers the overall life of customers such as online mall, premium outlet, supermarket, convenience store, etc. Also, development of complex shopping mall is in process as a new cultural space with a combination of shopping and entertainment.
Department Store (Shinsegae Department Store)
From Korea’s first department store to the best department store, Shinsegae Department Store has achieved consistent change and innovation. In 10 locations nationwide, we are evolving as a brand company by communicating with customers to design their happy lifestyle.
Grocery Store (Emart)
Emart brought in the concept of a discount store for the first time in Korea to provide reasonable price choice to the customers, and a fundamental innovation in distribution structure. With the slogan ‘EDLP(Every Day Low Price)’, Emart has put great efforts to sell good quality products at a reasonable price. 150 domestic stores and 10 stores in China(in end of 2014) are in operation, and Emart is seeking for faster growth to become a global company through active overseas expansion.
Online Mall
Shinsegae Group's online shopping portal SSG.COM is an online shopping mall for convenient purchase by searching and paying all at once of all products from Shinsegae Group’s Shinsegae Department Store, Emart, etc. We are providing an even more simple shopping experience with various contents and services.
Complex Shopping Mall
Following the rapidly changing lifestyle of customers, the suburban complex shopping malls where you can enjoy shopping, culture, and entertainment all at once will grow as the center of global shopping that covers not only Korea but the entire Asia. Starting in Hanam in 2016, it is scheduled to be developed in main districts of Korea such as Samsong, Chungna, Anseong, etc.
Premium Outlet
Shinsegae Simon was the first to open an authentic premium outlet at Korea in 2007, and is continually growing by providing the best products and optimized shopping environment. The Yeoju, Paju, and Busan three stores operating are now a landmark with the most luxury brands in Korea, exotic exterior, and various leisure facilities.
Duty Free Store
Shinsegae Duty Free Store runs the duty free store in Busan, making it the biggest duty free store in Yeongnam district by carrying about 250 brands. In 2014, Gimhae Airport Duty Free Store has opened to provide duty free shopping convenience to customers scheduled to depart, and renewal of online duty free store and opening of mobile duty free makes it to expand contacts with customers consistently.
With the brand value of ‘Everyday Fresh, Everyday Easy, Everyday Happy' as a basis, Everyday Retail aims to become the No.1 supermarket of your neighborhood, and is growing with customers. 157 supermarkets are operated in various types, considering each regional characteristics. It is expanding its business by developing coexisting model with local businesses and small suppliers.
Convenience Store
In the end of 2013, Shinsegae group took over Withme and joined the convenience store business. By developing business models that understands the shop owner and enhances customer satisfaction, it is presenting a new form of coexistence of the convenience field.


Leading the High-class Dining Culture.
Food business of Shinsegae Group has grown with its basis in food distribution and catering, and expanded its business to dining, bakery, café, wine distribution, etc.
Shinsegae Food is now running Olban, Gastro Pub, Devil's Door, Dean&Deluca, Premium Seafood Restaurant BonoBono, Johnny Rockets, Gramercy Hall, and more to provide the best dining experience.
Starbucks Korea is providing the best quality and differentiated service in 730 stores nationwide (in 2014), leading the café market of Korea.
Shinsegae Food is operating stylish deli cafe Vecchia e Nuovo that pursues comfort food, New York's best dessert shop Payard, and patisserie&dessert shop Menagerie, presenting the best quality and service.
Food Manufacturing
Shinsegae Food is manufacturing HMR, sauce, noodles, and more through operation of individual food manufacturing factory, R&D center, etc. It will grow to become the food company with the strongest competitiveness by vertical integration from raw material sourcing to food manufacturing.
Alcoholic Beverages Distribution
Shinsegae L&B is a general Alcoholic Beverages Distribution Company, presenting imported alcohols at a reasonable price including worldwide famous wines and beers.


Introducing the Best Lifestyle and New Trend.
Brand business that has started off to bring in international brands to the department store, is now expanding its business to running overseas luxury brands and department store select shops. It is now leading the Korean fashion and lifestyle trend.
Domestic and International Brand
Shinsegae International directly imports Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and about 30 overseas luxury fashion brands in total and became the leader of Korean market. Also, fashion brand Tomboy, cosmetics brand Vidivici, lifestyle brand JAJU are operated, allowing it to grow as a global lifestyle culture company.
Select Shop
Shinsegae Department Store runs various select shops such as Boontheshop, Blue Fit, and more, presenting differentiated products earlier than others, providing various choices to the customers.

Real Estate Development & Leisure

Provides pleasant facilities and high-class service.
Shinsegae Group operates various leisure facilities such as hotel, golf clubs, and more to be in charge of customer's leisure time and provide a plentiful life.
Shinsegae Chosun Hotel is Korea's representing high-class hotel with 100 years of history. Located in Seoul and Busan, it is recognized to provide world-class facilities and services. Four Points by Sheraton Seoul Namsan has opened in Dongja-dong, Seoul to target the mid-market. Also, JW Marriott Hotel Seoul is owned by Marriott Hotel International.
Golf Club
Trinity Club which is the Korea's best private club and Jayu Country Club where you can feel the comfort and beauty of nature are operated to design the customer's perfect leisure time.


We make a safer and smarter environment.
With Korea’s highest level of distribution professional IT service and construction ability, big projects are successfully processed. We are planning on securing differentiated competitiveness to contribute in making the customer’s life plentiful.
Shinsegae E&C has secured construction ability specialized in distribution by leading more than 150 department store and grocery store projects. With this, the group Complex Shopping Mall project is driven successfully.
IT Service
Shinsegae I&C is providing the best IT environment with various solutions and services such as IT system building, operation, and information security enhancement.